The iPhone 15 Pro camera is incredible

Jakob Hürner · May 9, 2024

You might have seen my recent pictures from Aggstein Castle. They were taken with the cameras of the iPhone 15 Pro.

I took the last picture with the iPhone’s main camera, which features a (for a phone) decently sized lens and a 48 MPx image sensor. For the image I used the RAW setting of the built-in camera app and converted the “ProRAW” file to JPG with Lightroom.

In my opinion the image quality is just great. Moreover, it gets almost unbelievable if you zoom into the picture. At 100%, the level of detail you get from this smartphone camera is simply mind blowing.

Ruine Aggstein

Here is a crop from the image above:

Crop from 48 MPx Raw of the iPhone 15 Pro + Lightroom

The gap between dedicated photo cameras like full-frame mirrorless systems and smartphones keeps closing. Exciting times!