Sony FE 1.8/35mm - My experiences

Jakob Hürner · January 6, 2021

The following lines reflect my impressions on the Sony FE 1.8/35mm, which I use in combination with the Sony A7C. As written before, I would describe my kind of photography not as ultra-ambitious, but as casual paired with a high expectation to image quality.

Coming from this direction it means for me, that I need a lens for everyday use which is both portable enough not to be a burden and optically excellent. I have found this for the Sony A7C full-frame camera with the Sony FE 1.8/35mm.

The Sony FE 1.8/35mm

Plus and minus

What I like:

  • Portability: the Sony 1.8/35mm is relatively light and not too big; it creates a comfortable package with the rather small A7C.
  • Build quality: It looks and feels solid due to metal as primary material, Sony also promises basic water-resistance.
  • Autofocus: AF is extremely fast and silent.
  • Minimum focus distance: The lens can focus rather close objects, which makes it an even better allrounder.
  • Sharpness: Wow, this lens is sharp, even fully open at F1.8.

What I do not like:

  • Vignetting: a downside is some vignetting (darker edges) at F1.8, which is however easily controllable with automated lens corrections in Lightroom.
  • CA: especially wide open there are purple fringes at high-contrast edges.

My conclusion

I am impressed by this lens. If I compare it to similar mid-range lenses that I used for years on my Canons, this lens plays in another league. I am personally very much into sharpness as central optical quality, and I was used to stopping down fast lenses at least one full aperture stop for good sharpness. Not this one, concerning sharpness at all apertures this lens scores 10/10 for me.

Overall, the 1.8/35mm on the A7C delivers the perfect all-rounder package for me, with portability and excellent image quality at a handy focal length for everyday use.


Below you‘ll find some samples with the Sony FE 1.8/35mm on the Sony A7C. I applied my normal processing using Adobe Lightroom and developed the RAWs according to my taste. Click to access the full-sized image.

sel35f18f sel35f18f

sel35f18f sel35f18f

sel35f18f sel35f18f

sel35f18f sel35f18f

sel35f18f sel35f18f