The team song for 2024

Jakob Hürner · December 31, 2023

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The year 2023 comes to an end, the new year will bring new challenges and opportunities at work.

To celebrate the end of 2023 and the arrival of 2024, I* created a team song - here it is!

🎸 The Team Song for New Year 2024

We rocked this year like a steel
We forged our path and made it real
We worked as a team with loyalty and will
We conquered the challenges and fulfilled

We produced awesome products and quality
That pleased our customers and industry
We reached our benchmarks and standards
That proved our excellence and rewards

We also faced some complexity and pressure
That demanded our creativity and measure
We optimized and streamlined new ways
That made us faster and ready for the next phase

Now we’re looking forward to 2024
With ambition and eagerness for more
We have new opportunities and markets
That will make us shine and lead

We’re not daunted by the competition
We have the edge and the vision
We’re a team of rock and steel
That will always rock our deal

*Facing this task, oh, baby I only get by with a little help from my friend and copilot GPT-4.

The question (prompt) I have given GPT-4 is: write an inspirational year end post for LinkedIn. write it in the style of rock music lyrics. mention team, steel, achievements and new opportunities for 2024

It’s remarkable what this type of AI can produce from this limited amount of input. Looking forward to exploring what AI and LLMs will bring to our (work) lives, after the first wave of exceeded expectations is over. :)

Happy 2024!

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